Warang Wayan

Warang Wayan is the coming together of style and craftsmanship across continents and cultures. It is the product of Yuri Tsuchiya, and Masami Ishida, both originally from Japan, now living in Bali and Morocco.

The business was founded in 2000 when Yuri and Masami met while travelling. "Warang", is a Senegalese village, and reflects Masami’s love of Africa. "Wayan" is taken from Wayan Murjawan, Yuri's Balinese husband. Warang Wayan draws upon the Balinese and African cultures and aesthetics they have each explored, seen through their Japanese background.

The Warang Wayan wooden range evokes Japanese style, given form in the simple beauty of Balinese Teak. Wayan Murjawan crafts each wooden item at a workshop built in the house that he and Yuri shares. Over the years the workshop has expanded and now provides employment to several village craftspeople. It is filled with the sounds of playful joking banter amidst the beats of traditional wooden tools.

View the Warang Wayan range here.