East London Furniture

Christian Dillon and Reuben Le Prevost take an ethical approach to furniture making; designing and hand-crafting their pieces from timber salvaged from the streets of London. East London Furniture use 100% recycled timber and found objects to create striking and unique furniture and lighting. The source of each piece of timber is carefully recorded and photographed, so its story is always traceable.

East London Furniture was founded in 2011 by Australian-born Christian Dillion and Ben Green. "It started very much with Ben and I actually," says Christian. "Literally making furniture on the street below my house..."

Since starting out they have taken up residence in a string of empty shops around East London on short-term leases. More recently they moved to a bigger showroom and workshop space in Southwark.

East London Furniture recently took residence in London's Design Museum, allowing visitors to watch their furniture-making live.

Time Out have also listed them as one of the best furniture and homewares shops in London.

The Cube Light available at Ten Things is constructed from Douglas-fir which was formally a ceiling joist in a warehouse behind Commercial Road in Whitechapel. The boys at East London Furniture received a call from a carpenter who was working on the site. The carpenter – an Irishman called Taigh – had seen their website. When he saw the character-filled wood being loaded into a skip he called them to come and rescue it.

Ten Things first discovered East London Furniture whilst living in London, and are very excited to be bringing this brand to Australia for the very first time.
View East London Furniture's Cube Light here.