Established in 1846, Swedish textile company Almedahls combines tradition and innovation. Hans H Wesslau started making linen fabrics just outside Gothenburg in a factory named after his daughter Alma. To this day, the district is still named Almedal.

Over the years, Almedahls has collaborated with a number of renowned artists and designers to create contemporary, yet quintessentially Swedish textile designs and homewares. Today, their focus is on developing new designs, sourcing new materials, and environmental awareness. For Almedhals, the feeling of their products is an essential element. They explain, “All our experience and knowledge is used in everything we do. We still trust our senses when inspecting the textiles. The natural fibres are an important part of our production, then and now”.

Almedahls provides a link between the past and the present; carrying forward knowledge and handicraft traditions to future generations.

The ‘Sill’ graphic printed on Almedahls kitchenware available at Ten Things was designed by Marianne Nilsson in 1955.