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Ten Things launched in 2012 as an online boutique specialising in simple, functional and beautiful homewares and accessories. Our collection is sourced from designers, craftspeople and unique brands around the world.

Rather than owning more of everything, the Ten Things' philosophy is about carefully selecting what we acquire and paring back our belongings to those things that we truly love. Our curated collection strives to offer items that will rate amongst your ten most treasured possessions, and our name - Ten Things - embodies this ideal. Whilst we sell more than ten items and continue to grow our range, we remain true to the idea that less is more.

The Ten Things collection has been featured in publications such as Inside Out, Real Living, House & Garden, Fete Press, Sunday Style, Sunday Life and Spectrum.

Located in Sydney, we ship throughout Australia and internationally.

Get in touch: info [at] tenthings.com.au

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