A Perfect Ten with Julian Carr September 01, 2013 12:40

Known to his family as 'Mr Fixit', Julian is a former architect, computer programmer and musician. He is also father to Libby at Ten Things.

1. Specialized Source 11 Bike

"I love the utility and technology in this bike. From its dynamo hub to hydraulic disc brakes, belt drive and 11 speed in-hub gears. Low maintenance and no messy chain."


2. Ortlieb White Bike Panier

"This is seriously well designed. It is completely waterproof, has a quick release mechanism to get it on and off the bike and looks good enough to double as a brief case!"


3. Tea Mug

"Made by my sister Penelope (Saskia's mother), I've been using this tea mug for over 30 years. It is comfortable to hold, nice to drink from and its narrowed top keeps the tea hot."


4. Fender Stratocaster VG

"This was a hard choice as I have a few guitars, but as well as being a classic Strat, it has an on-board Roland system that allows it to model other classic Fender guitars."


5. Staedtler Clutch Pencil

"Purchased in 1969 when I started my architecture degree, this was my first drawing pencil back in the days when drawings were done on a drawing board. I still use it today, though not for drafting."


6. Bosch 18 Volt Drill

"Handymen don't buy these kinds of tools frequently, so you don't necessarily know about the developments that have happened over time, until you finally go to choose a new one. The quick release chuck, torque control, hammer action, LED light, balance, light weight and lithium ion batteries makes this drill a joy to use."


7. Cake

"Fortunately I'm married to one of the great cake cooks, as I have a big sweet tooth."


8. Moulded Plywood Chairs in Red by Charles & Ray Eames

"There are few plywood wood chairs that you can sit on for prolonged periods and still be comfortable. Arne Jacobsen's Series 7 chair is one, but the Eames chair wins for style and the fact that it is all plywood."


9. Velux Electric Skylight with Blackout Blind

"This product has been refined and refined over the years. We have an older one and recently installed a new one. They lighten up your space, keep out the cold, block-out the heat and let the air in - all at the touch of a button."


10. Paddy Pallin Rain Jacket

"I've had this jacket for 34 years. I leant it to the kids for all their school camps and it still looks great and keeps me dry."