A Perfect Ten with Southern Field Industries May 25, 2013 00:00

Husband and wife, Manabu and Keiko, are the creative team behind Southern Field Industries, Japan. They are dedicated to producing handcrafted canvas and leather products with attention to the finest of detail, including the Waxed Tote sold here at Ten Things.

1. Records (Manabu)

"I've sold and gave away to my friends most of my collections, but still have 40-50 vinyl records left on my shelf."

2. Eyeglasses (Manabu)

"This optical frame is handmade by Tamio Ido. This is the finest glasses I’ve ever had."

3. Sewing Machines (Keiko & Manabu)

"Needless to say, all of our products are made from them."

4. Beer (Keiko & Manabu)

"Energy! Especially, looking for a good craft beer is one of our favourite things to do."

5. Waxed Tote (Keiko)

"I’m always carrying everything that I need in it, and it’s my favourite bag as well as my Olive & Natural Waxed Haversack."

6. Knives (Keiko)

"I’m always carrying knives in case I pick shrooms."

7. Filson (Manabu)

"I bought this vintage mackinaw jacket at a bargain price from the vintage clothing shop owned by my old friend."

8. Flap Wallet (Manabu)

"The reason why this wallet was created, is because I needed a simple wallet."

9. Coffee (Keiko & Manabu)

"We are kind of coffee geek."

10. Tendo Mokkou (Keiko)

"Manabu bought for me, because I always sleep on the floor. This chair was designed by Bruno Mathsson, and his special redesign for Japanese traditional floor ‘Tatami’."

Thank you, Southern Field Industries!